Other Uses For Crown Moulding In Your Home

Crown moulding is gorgeous in any home and adds that little something extra to every room. The moulding provides a nice outline for your rooms and can make your home look much more luxurious. There are several other uses for crown moulding besides around your ceilings. See below for a few of those other ways to use crown moulding around your home.

Windows And Doors

Add crown moulding to your windows and doors for a more modern look. The crown moulding makes a huge impact and really makes your doors and windows pop. Add crown moulding to doorway openings as well for big impact as well. 

Kitchen Cabinets

Fill in the space between your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling with crown moulding and a piece of wood to box in the area. This will make your cabinets look larger, and your kitchen seem larger by drawing the eye upward. Paint the moulding and wood to match your existing kitchen cabinets. You can add crown moulding to the top of your kitchen cabinets, while keeping the space between the cabinets and the ceiling, to give them a more expensive and custom look as well.

Bathroom Mirrors

Give your bathroom mirrors some added beauty by adding trim and crown moulding at the top. This is a good idea for those plain and simple, frame-less mirrors. Paint it a bright white or black, whichever matches with your decor. This will give your bathroom mirror a little oomph, without having to spend money on an entirely new mirror.

Faux Columns

Create faux columns around your home with crown moulding, paint and some wood slats. This will give the look of expensive columns without spending a lot of money. 

Bedroom Headboard

Create a do-it-yourself headboard using crown moulding on top of a simple and plain headboard to give it the look of a high-end headboard.


Create bookshelves using crown moulding and MDF boards to display books in a child's room. The display is beautiful and provides easy access for books. The cost of the crown moulding is much cheaper than buying all new shelving.

Fireplace Mantle

Give your fireplace a beautiful mantle with crown moulding. Add extra moulding, casings and MDF board to make your mantle thicker if you'd like.

Using crown moulding for these areas in your home will help give your home a more custom and luxurious look, just as adding crown moulding around your ceiling will. 

For more information, check out companies such as Contemporary Mouldings.