4 Tips To Help You Makeover The Cabinets In Your Home With A New Finish And Updated Hardware

If you want to makeover your kitchen with fresh new cabinets, replacing them completely my not be within your budget. You may like the layout and design of your kitchen, and just want to change the look with modern finishes. Refacing your cabinets and updating the hardware is a great way to achieve a new look without spending a lot. The following tips will help you with making over your kitchen with new finishes for cabinets and updated hardware:

Only Make Minor Changes to Cabinet Units to Meet the Needs of Your Household

There are minor changes that you may want to do to the cabinets in your home, which can include features inside the units, such as extra shelves or organization systems to help store all the kitchen clutter neatly in cabinets. Consider the needs of your household and the features you would like to have added to cabinets when the refacing work is being done.

Change the Look of Your Kitchen by Changing the Style of The Cabinets with New Features

There are also ways that the style of your cabinets can be completely changed with new features. This may include adding trim and molding to cabinet facing, or more shelves in a unit to replace solid doors with glass to give your kitchen a more open feeling and modern cabinet design features.

Adding Lighting Improvements to The Design of Your Cabinets for Better, More Efficient Lighting

Lighting is another improvement that you may want to consider for your kitchen makeover, and some of it can be part of your new cabinet design. The lighting can be indirect lighting that is installed beneath cabinets or backlighting for cabinet doors that have glass in them to give your kitchen a more open feeling. In addition, there are also options for interior lighting for dark cabinets that can be automated when opening and closing cabinet doors.

Give Cabinets a Modern Makeover with New Hardware That Matches Their New Style

There are many choices when it comes to the hardware that you install on cabinets too. Consider modern materials like polished metal, which can have a cleaner, minimalist design to not take away from the look of the new cabinet style. In addition, there are also options for cabinet styles that have no visible hardware, which will give you kitchen a cleaner, more modern appearance.

These tips will help makeover your kitchen with newly refinished cabinets and modern hardware upgrades. If you are ready to start making changes to the appearance of your kitchen, contact a service for cabinet refacing in your area, such as 180Kitchens, for help changing the look of your cabinets.